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Art Pop-up - Contemporary Art in a Medieval Setting

Miquel Paton is a painter with a passion for color. In his paintings one can detect the influence of the great artists of the 2Oth century such as Klee, Mondrian, Rothko. His work is inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and shows a clear tendency towards geometric abstraction dominated by color, using a varied chromatic range, the result of a lengthy, carefully thought out continuous creative process.

Miquel Paton has exhibited in Spain and internationally.

His project “Cartography” will be on display at La Torre del Visco ( 6 - 21 May)

His latest project, “Shapes of a Yearning” on display during May in the Tortosa Museum.

Miquel Patton painting



Alex Susanna is a writer and art critic. He has also been director of a number of the most important cultural organisations – The Caixa Foundation, La Pedrea and the Ramon Llull Institute. He was founder and director up until the year 2000  of the publishing company Columna and Columna Music.

He is currently Director the Cultural Patrimony Agency of Catalunya.

In 1984 he organized the first International Poetry Festival in Barcelona.

His work has been translated into a number of European languages.

At the Torre del Visco with the title “The Meaning of Poetry in our time” he will read his own poems mainly from his latest collection “Filtracions”
Alex Susanna - Filtracions.  Reading at La Torre del Visco


In search of the color Blue. The Call of the Arctic

The photographer and economist Bea Dalmau (Tortosa 1971), fascinated by the Arctic, has travelled a number different locations in search of the blue of ice. The ancient blue of the glaciers in Iceland, the fresh blue of the icebergs in Groenland, the infinite blue of the arctic sea ice of Svalbard. The frozen island of Kvitoya, witness to the first expeditions to the North Pole, homeland of the polar bear, the majestic and playful inhabitant which captivates the attention of all the visitors. Just as the explorers a hundred years ago set out to discover the North Pole, those who travel to ice landscapes will discover the essence of the color “Blue”.

Bea Dalmau´s photographs are exhibited in the Jaume Fuster Library in Barcelona until 28th May.

Her work will then be on display at La Torre del Visco from the 3rd to the 10th of June.



Decoration for hair, hats,  for  table decoration and bouquets for special occasions.  In two fascinating  workshops of 2 hours duration each, with  the experts Julia and Alba of Liquenflorist  we will learn how to make the most of wild, specially dried flowers and greenery from the countryside to turn into wonderful original decorative arrangements which participants may then take home with them.

At the start of each workshop the general techniques will be explained with ample examples. The first sesión on Saturday 10th June at 18.00h will be devoted to decorative elements for hair, hats and tables. Sunday´s workshop will start with an expedition into the countryside around the hotel to gather wild flowers and greenery to form the basis of the bouquets.

Participants will be provided with all the material necessary for the workshop; scissors, wire, basis for the arrangements. 

Flower arrangement workshop

LIQUEN is owned and run by Julia and Alba, two friends who first met whilst studying at the Catalan School of Floristry.

After a number of years working as apprentices in professional florists to learn the trade, they then decided to set up their own workshop together.

Both Julia and Alba grew up in the country close to nature which has enabled them to appreciate and seek flowers and plants from their surroundings. This is reflected in their very personal and creative vision of the art of flower arranging.

www.liquen.florist – Instagram @liquenflorist.